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The vision of AIR LITUANICA is to become a regional base airline providing air transportation services for travellers flying to and from major European destinations.

The mission of the company is to facilitate Lithuania’s accessibility by air, therefore AIR LITUANICA will not only carry passengers on highly demanded direct routes, but also ensure that passengers are capable of using a wider range and more convenient connecting flight network.

The objectives of AIR LITUANICA are to become the main national air carrier by 2015 and to improve the accessibility of the Lithuanian capital city via introducing a number of frequently operated direct flight routes. In the upcoming several years we intend to:

  • Operate flights with 4-5 regional jets
  • Carry passengers on 13-16 direct routes (up to 2.5 hour-long flights)
  • Cooperate with 4-5 largest partners with regard to strategic routes
  • Depart 12-15 times from the Vilnius Airport daily
  • Serve 600-700 thousand passengers per year
  • Occupy 15-20% of the market share in Lithuania
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