Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions


When did the airline stop its operations?

Who should I contact to receive a refund?

By the ruling of Vilnius Country Court of 24 August 2015 the LLC “Baklis” (enterprise code 134335280; Kestucio str. No. 60-2, LT-44304 Kaunas; tel. / fax + 370 37 331945) has been assigned as the LLC “Air Lituanica” bankruptcy administrator.

All creditors, including “Air Lituanica” passengers, whose flights were cancelled and who have not reimbursed for the unused tickets, are invited to submit their financial / credit requirements to LLC “Baklis” in writing by 23 October 2015.

Your financial requirement should include the following information:

  • Passenger’s name, surname and personal number;
  • In case the ticket was purchased by another person than the passenger, the purchaser’s personal information should be identified;
  • Purchaser’s postal address, telephone and e-mail address;
  • Passenger and/or purchaser’s (in case the ticket was purchased by another person) banking account details;
  • Total amount of the financial requirement, i.e. the amount for the tickets and the size of the compensation (if stipulated by the law);
  • Pertinent documents, i.e. your financial requirement must be supported by the following: flight tickets (electronic), purchase confirmation documents (payment receipt or other).

Your financial requirement should be duly signed and send by mail to LLC “Baklis”, Kestucio str. No. 60-2, LT-44304 Kaunas, Lithuania


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