Hill of Crosses, Siauliai – A Symbol of Freedom and Devotion

Lithuania with its rich history and culture is a haven for tourists. Aside from visiting Vilnius, another destination you should not miss is Siauliai. While Siauliai is most popular because it is home to the Hill of Crosses, there is so much more to this lovely, quaint town you can explore.

Hill of Crosses is home to hundreds of thousands of crosses of different sizes and designs that were erected by the people in the area as a show of defiance against the Soviet Regime and their struggle to achieve freedom.  This representation of Lithuania’s Catholic faith attracts thousands of tourists due to its spiritual, peaceful and sacred nature.

Near the Hill of Crosses is The Great Battle district park, which you will pass on the way. This park was instituted to commemorate the war against the Soviet regime. In the park, a monument is dedicated to all who fought the resistance of the regime.

As a side trip, you can also explore other places in Siauliai. Check out the various thematic museums like the Ruta Chocolate Museum, the Radio/TV Museum and the Bicycle Museum. For some architectural works of arts, the Cathedral of Saint Peter and Saint Paul is a beautiful depiction of Renaissance style architecture. If you just want to spend the rest of your day relaxing and taking in all the sights, you might also want to check out Vilniaus St. or The Boulevard as it is known. Aside from shops, it has restaurants and cafes with tourist activities aplenty.

Hill of Crosses is situated about 12 km north of the city. If you haven’t booked for a day tour, you can reach this beautiful scenery by riding the bus bound for Joniskis until you reach the Domantai stop. From there, you can take a taxi, which is a bit pricey, or you can hike to the actual site, which takes about 15 minutes.

While exploring the Hill of Crosses and other beautiful sights in the Siauliai area during the day time, you can also go out at night to enjoy some beer at the restos and pubs. However, if you’re looking to gamble and try your luck, you might want to go to the capital Vilnius, and check out these great casinos.