Will Japan Become New Gambling Destination Once IR Go Live?

integrated casino resort japan

After decades of deliberation, Japan has finally decided to give green light for integrated casino resorts in the country. The latest gambling bill will allow for several live casino venues to be opened in the country to begin with. For the first time, Japanese as well as those visiting will have the opportunity to try their luck in fully licensed and regulated casinos.

This is a major development for Japan where gambling has been very popular for a long time. Pachinko parlors have been operating under the radar for many years and the game of pachinko is very popular among residents. However, with casinos becoming legal, the gaming industry is about to explode and Japan could become a new gambling hub in Asia.

Will Integrated Resorts Be a Game-changer?

The new Integrate Resorts bill was long coming in Japan and now that it’s finally here, it is about to open a whole new world of possibilities. First of all, with gambling becoming legal and regulated, the overall stance towards it will likely change so even some of those who used to be against it might come around.

Secondly, with several large venues planned to open in the next few years, there’ll be many new job openings in the country, bolstering the economy. Of course, Japan will also reap benefits from taxes paid by the initially planned three resorts, so this bill stands to be a major development in many ways.

But above it all, the country has a real chance of becoming the new leader in the gambling sector in Asia if they play their cards right. Japan is already leader in a number of industries so it’s not hard to see the country becoming the go-to destination for gambling in this part of the world as well, challenging current hubs like Singapore and Macau.

Obstacles to Overcome

Of course, there is a long way to go from passing a bill to the actual realization and there are many unknowns yet to be addressed. Japanese who like to gamble are used to playing at online casinos and it’s hard to say how many of them will make a switch to land based. There are many quality sites offering good information for those interested in online casinos in Japan such as【最新のオンラインカジノ情報を発信!】6Takarakuji |ロク宝くじ.

These moving parts do create some hesitation with leading gambling companies. They see Japan as a huge potential market but they prefer to have a more clear view of what they’re getting into before they put their money on the line.

But even despite of all this, Japan is currently in a great spot to become the new leader in Asia in the gambling sector as well. All the wrinkles will likely be ironed out along the way and knowing the country’s love for precision and detail, all things will be cleared up well ahead of the time.

New markets are always a risky proposition but with the country’s domestic potential coupled with potentially huge numbers produced by visitors from neighboring countries, Japan’s integrated resorts will likely shake things up from the very foundations.

Recent developments on the global level have put a wedge in some IR plans and created unexpected delays. Because of this, it may take a few extra years before casinos start opening their doors for visitors. Once they do, however, current leaders in the gambling industry of Asia will likely have their work cut out for them.